Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Part 5: Free Astros Proof

If you have just arrived to this blog, please begin reading from part 1.

Using the methods described in this guide, I have amassed a lot of astros for Lost Saga. Below is a picture detailing just one of the things I bought recently:

To greater emphasize just how great the site is, here is a list of recent prize claims that I have received from

Part 4: Getting Your Free Astros

After you have gotten up to ten points, you are ready to get free ogplanet astros for Lost Saga. To get your astros, go up to the section on the site that says "prizes" and click on it. Among the categories, you should see "Ogplanet Astros." Click on it. Beneath the picture of the $10 astro code is the phrase, "Click here to claim this prize." Click on that.

Now on the on the right side of the webpage, under quick stats, it should note that you have one pending prize. At this point you must wait between one to two days for the prize request to process. When processing is complete, you must go to your prize claims and click on the name of your prize. A pop-up should appear. Copy down the code that is displayed in the pop-up.

At this point, you can head on over to ogplanet's site. After logging in and going to the astro purchasing page, you want to select coupon number as your payment method. From here, you just put in the code that you got earlier, and your ogplanet account will be credited 200 astros immediately.

Congratulations you did it!

Part 3: Getting Points

At this point, you should be logged into the site:

Now your task is to gain 10 points on this site. With a little dedication, this can be done in a single weekend, or even within a day.

To get points you need to do the following steps:
  1. Hover your mouse over "Get points"
  2. Click "Avaible Offers"
  3. Look for an offer with a high number under "Total Credited #"
  4. Read the description for the offer
  5. Click the offer name to begin the offer
  6. Fill out the offer using the information you made in Part 2 of this blog

Be sure to always follow the description for the offer for best results.

Part 2: Signing Up

After you click the link:

You will want to signup by clicking the signup button near the top of the webpage. Before you proceed any further, I reccomend that you create a new email adress ( seems to be the easiest to create with). This new email is to ensure that your normal email does not get flooded with junk mail.

When signing up, the site will also ask for your first name, last name, and zip code. It is for the best to not use your own information, but to use a fake identity instead to avoid junk mail. To make this easy, pull out a phonebook and record the following info from an individual:
  • Name (first and last)
  • Street Address
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone number

After filling in the required slots, you will receive a confirmation email. Go into your new email account and click the confirmation. Log in. Congratulations, you have now signed up and are one step closer to getting your free ogplanet astros for Lost Saga.

Part 1: Getting Started

Throughout this blog, I will explain the do's and don'ts of getting free ogplanet astros for the game, Lost Saga. Using this knowledge, you should easily be able to aquire free ogplanet astros for any of their hosted games, including Lost Saga. To get started, I recommend you go to this site:

The next posting will explain the way to sign up correctly.